Airdrops Platinum

Airdrops Platinum

 Premier platform for the transformation of conventional projects and startups into a blockchain system that is fully supported by the crypto community around the world. Airdrops Platinum creates the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem to create jobs for everyone with no income restrictions by participating in project development, blockchain startups and advertising events.

How to get free APT

1. Start Airdrops Platinum Bot
2. Join Telegram Group 
3. Join Telegram Channel
4. Join Telegram News
5. Then submit the TRC21 wallet address.


Project Information

Token Name: Airdrops Platinum
Token Symbol: APT
Token Type: Tomochain (TRC21)
Token Supply: 100,000,000,000 APT
Available for Airdrop Round 1: 2,000,000,000 APT
Market: LuaSwap
Price: $0.005 per APT

Smart contract Airdrops Platinum (APT)

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Keep safe

** All airdrops are free, those who ask for any fees are mostly a scam.
** The airdrop said that we will give ETH, BTC or Polkadot, they are really a Scam.
** Airdrop bots are used for their own purposes. Share content of other projects and request to buy tokens
** Investing in pre-sales is entirely your decision. Please DYOR and then invest in pre-sales, some of them are really good
** Do not send your cryptocurrency to any airdrop.
** Never give your private key to anyone.
1,400 APT
1,000,000 Users
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Frequently Askes Questions

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is guaranteed by a cryptographic system. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is almost impossible for the system to counterfeit. All records of transactions made are stored on the blockchain system. This blockchain is decentralized and widely spread from one computer to another and is connected in a network that is widespread so that it is not centralized in one place.

Crypto projects distribute free coins to their community to increase traffic on their project visibility, increase circulating supply, and stimulate trading on the market. Airdrop tokens are distributed free of charge by crypto project owners. The airdrop that we present on the platform aims to improve the blockchain ecosystem and have a positive impact on blockchain projects, you will be given free tokens as a reward for completing simple social media tasks such as joining and following social media. This offer creates a mutually beneficial scenario, as the company gets free marketing, and you get free crypto. Many other airdrops projects will reward you multiple times just for holding certain coins.

Airdrop is one of the marketing methods carried out by the development team of a project to distribute and introduce their cryptocurrency products to the cryptocurrency community.
Airdrops are distributed free of charge to the cryptocurrency community with terms and conditions imposed by the developer of a project, Airdrops are considered to have effective strategies and ways to adopt many users. By distributing crypto for free through airdrops, developers can promote products at a relatively cheaper cost and with fewer resources. Airdrop events can build a community of cryptocurrency product users on a project. Airdrop hunters who are participants in this airdrop event can also assist developers in increasing capabilities, as well as accelerating adoption of the newly launched crypto assets.

There are some rules from the developer before joining their airdrop, you can follow all the rules in the project, you have to do small tasks like join Telegram groups or follow their social media accounts, usually you need a crypto wallet can use myetherwallet, metamask and several social media accounts including telegram, twitter, medium, facebook, instagram, linkedin, youtube and several other social media accounts.

It depends on each project, usually they will distribute airdrop prizes to participants who follow all airdrop rules after the airdrop project is completed, Most of the time you have to wait at least a few days, months maybe years depending on the project, they need balance so that their ecosystem is stable and token prices are not inflationary. Our recommendation is to contact the project community and ask about the token distribution day.

After you get an airdrop gift in your wallet, you can follow the progress and information on the project, usually they will provide additional information about the token listing on the exchange through the project’s official channel, we recommend that you stay active on their project’s social media channels.

Usually a project has a large capacity in the future, when the community and ecosystem of a project strengthens, it is certain that the token price will increase significantly, but you can sell the airdrop prize on exchanges that have collaborated on the project, you can be proactive to follow the development of the project in their group.

Each project has its own rules, the airdrop program is usually done before the ICO / IEO / IDO token sale but the distribution is done after a successful token sale but it can be distributed when the airdrop is complete or reaches the community target, make sure you follow the rules or regulations that apply on each of these projects. it can also take from several weeks to several months until the airdrop prize is distributed, you can actively inquire about not receiving the airdrop gift in the project community, in some cases no tokens are distributed by the project because the project failed to sell a lot tokens to the community and investors, it can cause the project to fail.

No, Airdrop participants are not required to do KYC.

You can contact us directly during business hours via email: or Fast Contact WhatsApp: +6285161444994

About Airdrops Platinum Official

Airdrops Platinum Ofiicial is the flagship platform for the best projects that have passed the verification of the Airdrops Platinum team, the Project will use a payment system using APT Tokens and will be distributed directly by Airdrops Platinum to the community participating in the project.

Tokens will be distributed to participants within 7 days after the airdrop program is over. It usually takes up to 3 months for the tokens to be distributed to everyone who participates

You will only receive APT tokens as a reward for participating in the project airdrop.

Yes, everyone will definitely get a free token reward from the airdrop program.